The decision of when to launch London West was always going to be difficult. However, when you add into the mix a global pandemic and a property market which is a tadge challenging, the stakes become even higher. But, having straw poled several key stakeholders, readers, and investors across west London we feel the time is right to launch a monthly property newsletter that celebrates the community which us rapidly evolving across this region. 

A message from the Leader of Hounslow Council, Cllr Steve Curran re-enforces the need to have a regular dialogue with the property market: “I’m delighted to have been asked to support this new exciting initiative to launch the London West Newsletter. It’s even more important now than ever to keep in touch as we come to terms with the new world post-COVID-19.

There are clearly new ways of working with many of us tied to our computers at home rather than in the office, but what hasn’t changed is the need to deliver sustainable development and regeneration for our residents and businesses. Therefore, the absolute priority for Hounslow Council is building new homes, in fact, I believe the need is now even more important. We must also face the challenge of Heathrow Airport only operating at 3% of its capacity for the foreseeable future, which will have a dramatic effect on growth and development.

So, we must embrace the new opportunities as we look to fill the gap vacated by the airline industry with all its component parts. It’s therefore vital that we share ideas and are innovative in the way we think and develop new opportunities for the future. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Matthew and the team at UK Property Forums, all the very best for this exciting initiative.”

We intend to build on the success of our sister newsletter Thames Tap, which for us starts as you exit Heathrow Airport and turn left heading towards Reading, as opposed to our London West coverage which will involve a right-hand turn, using the Grand Union Canel as your guide and with the bright lights of London firmly in your sights.

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