An occupier at Winnersh Triangle is at the centre of a major step forward in making quantum computing more widely accessible.

Data centre services provider Cyxtera has formed a partnership with Oxford Quantum Services (OQS), based at Thames Valley Science Park, which will mean, for the first time quantum computing will be available from a co-location data centre (one where multiple firms hire servers).

It is the first time in the world a quantum computer has been made available via a co-location centre. OQC says Cyxtera customers using its 28,652 sq m data centre in Eskdale Road will be able to use quantum computer services directly.

Dr Ilana Wisby, chief executive of OQC, said: “For quantum computing to be genuinely accessible and fully realise its potential as a technology, it must seamlessly integrate within businesses’ current computing and data management infrastructure.

“At this stage, it simply cannot work in isolation. Thanks to this pioneering partnership, we will give Cyxtera’s customers direct access to our latest quantum computer – within their data centres, at the click of a button – without making any changes to their operations.”

Quantum computers offer vastly more powerful and faster computing than traditional ones. The OGC/Cyxtera link up means companies can use the services of a quantum computer, such as for testing complex algorithms and data on a large scale, without having to change their own systems.

The system is currently being installed and will be available in early 2023.

Randy Rowland, chief operating officer for Cyxtera, said: “Quantum computing will enable organisations across a wide range of industries to access unprecedented calculation speed and deeper analytical capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to partner with OQC, providing our customers access to the UK’s most advanced quantum computing platform.”

Nancy Apperley, marketing manager for Winnersh Triangle owner Frasers Property, said: “We’re really excited that Cyxtera have partnered with OQC to make quantum computing more accessible to all industries. We will definitely be spreading the word to other companies across the business park.

“This is a great additional service for the Winnersh Triangle community and strengthens the technology cluster and specialist knowledge sectors we are proud to have on-site.”

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