Plans for 302 homes on a site which straddles the Bracknell/Wokingham border, have been recommended for approval.

Bracknell Forest Council’s planning committee will consider Persimmon Homes’ application to develop a 9.45-hectare site at Amen Corner at its August 17 meeting.

The hybrid application seeks consent for commercial space on 0.95-hectares of the site and the homes of up to four bedrooms (25 per cent affordable) on the bulk of the site. A section to the south west, which falls within Wokingham borough, will be open space.

The site has long been fought over. In 2004 plans for 700 homes were refused and a 2012 scheme for 550 homes and a neighbourhood centre were voted through, only to come to nothing due to the s106 Agreement not being signed.

The current scheme, which dates from 2018, had initially proposed 442 homes.

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