Hillingdon Council has approved the development of an 11-storey mixed-use building on the Squirrels Trading Estate, Hayes.

The proposal is for:

Redevelopment of the site to erect a part 11-storey, part 10-storey mixed-use building comprising 121 residential dwellings (Class C3) and ground-level commercial premises (Class E) along with public realm delivery of a green super highway with associated landscaping, access, and parking following demolition of existing buildings.

The estate borders the Nestle Factory redevelopment south of the railway line and the Grand Union Canal.

Whilst the available, affordable housing is seen as low at 22 per cent, the proposal includes a significant improvement to the public realm, the green superhighway.

This masterplan also enables the local area development of the ‘green super highway’, which will form a pedestrian link in an east-west axis, supporting green travel for the increased housing density in this area.


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