Brent have approved 250 dwellings by Sheen Lane Developments on the Edgeware Road replacing brownfield space which was not fit for purpose.

The proposal is for the demolition of No. 421 and 423 (Symal House) Edgware Road and erection of a building of up to 20 storeys (plus basement) to provide residential dwellings, with convenience foodstore and flexible commercial units at ground floor, together with associated car / cycle parking (basement and ground floor); vehicular access (Carlisle Road / Holmstall Avenue) and highways works (including provision of delivery bay to Carlisle Road / Holmstall Avenue); private amenity space; public realm and landscaping.

The proposal will sit back from the edge of the site to increase the public realm and greatly improve the pedestrian experience. The new public realm will be of a high quality and will include, public art, seating areas, soft landscaping and planting. No vehicle access from the Edgware road will improve pedestrian safety.

An arcade link will give greater permeation between Edgware road and the site. Whilst new independent retail and commercial units at the ground floor will sit within the landscaped public realm and active the frontage.

The design includes ample cycle parking (c.500 spaces), including provision for children’s cycles and adapted cycles. There will be two different cycle stores at basement level and a further store at ground floor level. These will include a mix of stacking and non-stacking stands to allow all new residents the chance to enjoy cycling to and from their home, and for their visitors to arrive by bicycle.

Waste and refuse will be contained in new secure stores at ground floor level, and collection will take place on both Holmstall Avenue and Carlisle Road. Refuse collectors will be able to access the stores, which will be close enough to the road that there will be no need to move bins outside on collection day, and no unsightly piling of waste near the road. Deliveries to new homes will also continue to operate from these points. All supermarket deliveries will occur within the building footprint and will therefore minimise traffic conflicts and reduce noise impact on neighbouring properties.

The pavement and environment on the Edgware Road will be fully pedestrianised meaning no vehicles will access the site from this point. This will not only improve public realm significantly, but it will also maximise pedestrian safety.


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