Hillingdon planning is set to approve the remodelling of the Ruislip Golf Course down to nine holes on the 11th January 2022.

HS2 had the powers to compulsory acquire the land from the Golf Club from Hillingdon Council. The council, through its agents, have had to apply for planning permission under the Town and Country Planning Act for the redevelopment of the remaining land.

Hillingdon Council will review the full application for remodelling of Ruislip Golf Course, incorporating:

  • The reconfiguration of 18 existing hole course into a nine-hole course, short game practice area, putting green and six-hole academy course.
  • The construction of a single storey rifle range.
  • The demolition of existing covered driving bays and construction of replacement driving range, including the associated floodlights and safety netting.
  • A new drainage system and associated ponds.
  • Ecological and landscaping works.
  • The realignment and enhancement of the Hillingdon Trail and a new public footpath.
  • The excavation of a new channel for the Ickenham Stream (canal feeder).
  • Other associated works.

The proposal is recommended for approval.

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