Low carbon neighbourhoods and transport were discussed by property professionals at the UK Property Forums (UKPF) London West Round Table.

UKPF managing director Matthew Battle introduced the subject following an intense debate  session at the OxPropSummit, in Oxford. Traffic filters and low traffic neighbourhoods have received much negative attention in the city and present a significant challenge for the local council.

Delegates at the April 20 event heard that the concept of 15-minute cities and low-traffic neighbourhoods have been around since the 1960s and have taken on greater importance since the pandemic. In many parts of West London they effectively already exist.

Delegates from the London Borough of Hounslow expressed their support.

Cllr Tom Bruce, cabinet member for regeneration and development, said: “Low carbon neighbourhoods are an important factor in making our borough a sustainable place to live.”

And Kate Bull, head of economic recovery and regeneration, said: “We want to implement low carbon neighbourhood along with a circular economy. We have pilots in Cranford, Hanworth and Chiswick. We are working on the financial model to fund low carbon neighbourhoods.”

Fenella Lloyd of SEGRO introduced the concept of beds next to sheds which the developer has implemented in Hayes. SEGRO have built flats on land next to warehouses with a sound wall dividing the two. This reduces travel time for the last mile of delivery from online purchases.

One of the critical elements of a low carbon neighbourhood is an active travel plan, meeting the residents’ needs in many different ways.

Discussion also covered the transport options for the borough. Southern rail access to Heathrow from Feltham remains a crucial element of the Borough Plan.

More good news was revealed regarding the West London Orbital, which has been given the go-ahead by the Mayor. Council leader, Cllr Shantanu Rajawat, confirmed his role as chair of the West London Alliance and the importance of the West London Orbital. An existing freight line on the route helps with the feasibility and will reduce costs.

Both rail projects would help with the borough’s transport plans.

The discussion on engagement and consultation can be found here.

The delegates who attended where:

London Borough of Hounslow

Cllr Shantanu Rajawat, leader of the council

Cllr Tom Bruce, cabinet member for regeneration and development

Kate Bull, head of economic recovery and regeneration

Navjeet Natt, corporate public affairs manager


Pavitar Mann, director London Office

Paul Vickery, director


Ben Johnson director of planning, Inland Homes

Katherine Woods, partner, DP9

Mark Wood, partner, Studio Moren

Michael Righton, regional partner, RLB

Fenella Lloyd, associate director, SEGRO

Mark Slater, director, WWA

UK Property Forums

Mathew Battle, managing director

Mike Lightfoot, editor London West

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