Following a period of further consultation which ended in early September 2020 the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has at the representation meeting in October 2020 approved the proposal to build 450 new homes on the Manor Road site.

Originally covered in London West:

Despite over one thousand objections and one for the development the Mayor has pushed ahead and approved to keep pace with the London plan for affordable housing.

He said in a letter back in 2019,” In making this decision, I must also have regard to targets identified in development plans. As set out in the attached report, I recognise that Richmond Council has taken a positive approach to approve new homes in the borough during the last three years, and is currently performing well in securing planning approvals for additional housing relative to its annual targets.

He adds later in the letter, “overall housing consented in this period is significantly below Richmond’s Local Plan target of 50% and represents a significant undersupply of affordable housing in the pipeline. In my view, the proposed development has the potential to make an important contribution to housing and affordable housing supply in response to the London Plan.”

Objections from his former rival, former MP for the area, Lord Goldsmith were unheeded.

The work is expected to commence as soon as Homebase vacates the building and is expected to be completed in three years.

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