The London Borough of Ealing Planning Committee has unanimously approved the extension and development of the Iranian Library and Cultural Centre in Acton, also known as the Caspian Cultural Centre.

The proposal was for the redevelopment of part nine, part eight and part three-storey buildings containing an 876 sq.m cultural centre, library and cafe with outside seating, and a 105-room student housing development with top floor communal facilities, along with a basement for ancillary cycle storage, plant and refuse storage, following the demolition of the existing buildings on the site.

The Iranian Library and Caspian Culture Centre is at Crown Street, Acton. A charity runs it, and the building is currently run down.

The committee agreed that although only four of the 105 student rooms are affordable, the benefits of the developments outweigh the low provision.  

Councillors praised the proposals as “one of the better applications that have come to the committee. ” They were excited that the largest collection outside Iran of one of the ancient cultures of the world is opening its doors to the public in Acton.

GRID were the Architects behind the scheme.


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