The Mayor of London has refused amended proposals for the redevelopment of the Stag Brewery site following a recall of an approved application in May 2020. 

The refusal is for two reasons; a lack of affordable housing, which is not in line with the London plan at only 30 per cent, and the negative impact of the increased height and density near the historic Maltings building. 

The revised proposal by developer Reselton included: 

  • Increase in residential unit provision from up to 813 units (including 150 flexible assisted living and residential units) to up to 1,250 units. 
  • Increase in affordable housing provision from up to 17 per cent to up to 30 per cent. 
  • Increase in height of some buildings, of up to three storeys. 
  • Changes to the layout of Buildings 18 and 19. 
  • Conversion of Block 20 from a row of terrace housing to a pair of four-storey buildings. 
  • Reduction in the size of the western basement, resulting in an overall reduction in car parking spaces of 186 spaces, and introduction of an additional basement storey beneath Building 1 (the cinema). 
  • Other amendments involving changes to internal layouts, relocation and change to the quantum and mix of land uses across the site. 
  • Removal of the nursing home and assisted living proposals from Development Area 2. 
  • Landscaping amendments, including canopy removal of four trees on the northwest corner of the site. 

The refusal has been welcomed by the London Borough of Richmond who had originally approved the first application in January 2020. 

Cllr Julia Neden-Watts, chair of the environment & sustainability committee for Richmond Council, said: “We will need to see the written decision when it is provided and carefully check its content but subject to that, I welcome much of today’s long-awaited decision.

“Providing affordable housing is as much a priority for the council as it is for the Mayor of London and identifying suitable large-scale sites in Richmond-upon-Thames is a challenge.

“When sites come forward we work hard to ensure that they deliver as much genuinely affordable housing as possible, responding to the need in the borough, without negatively impacting the local area in terms of density or height. It is an important balance. 

“As requested by the Mayor, the developer amended the proposals that were approved by Richmond Council, increasing the amount of affordable housing. In order to do this, they increased the height and the density of the development. 

“Despite retaining some positive elements, such as the much-needed secondary school, we felt that the revised scheme crossed the line of acceptability. The amended design would have a detrimental physical impact on the local area and, as the Mayor pointed out, would overwhelm heritage buildings and adversely affect the Arcadian and open character of the area.” 

The decision has also been welcomed by the local MP  Sarah Olney and the Mortlake Brewery Community Group which raised £10,000 in support of its objections. 

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