Hammersmith Bridge has re-opened to pedestrians, cyclists and river traffic.

The July 17 reopening was greeted by numerous local residents and stakeholders.

Dana Skelley, speaking on behalf of the Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce, said: “This represents welcome progress, delivering benefits to local people.

“The taskforce is keen to maintain momentum. LBHF (London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham) is working, with support from the DfT, on producing a business case on the preferred engineering solution so the bridge can be reopened permanently to pedestrians, cyclists and river traffic and eventually to motorists.

“Also, LBHF has sought an expert engineering opinion on the repair options for stabilisation and strengthening the bridge and confirmed it would share the preferred stabilisation option with the taskforce members next week.

“The taskforce noted that the department had shared the first draft of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on funding with LBHF. The MoU and the completion of investigative works to inform the consideration of a temporary reopening were conditions of the extraordinary funding and finance deal with TfL on June 1.”

Sarah Olney the MP for Richmond welcomed the opening but urged Hammersmith and Fulham council to expedite the planning application for the new pier which will allow the ferry service to open up.

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