Udney park community playing fields have been sold to an off-shore investor registered in the British Virgin Islands by Associated Housing and Healthcare (AHH).

At this time, it is not known who the purchaser is. It is unclear on what grounds the land has been sold and whether it will remain a sports ground.

The Localism Act and protection to Udney Park provided by an Asset of Community Value(ACV) have been avoided by AHH.

AHH knew that if another ACV moratorium began this week, they would be under immense pressure to engage appropriately with the Foundation as the land had been valued at £1m based on a sports field valuation. 

In the last 14 months, no one other than the Udney Park Foundation (UPF) had made an offer. UPF had offered £1.25m and was not seeking a discounted sale.

UPF had written to the local councillors asking them to intervene in the process that they felt was being facilitated by the council officers and prevent the secret sale. 

Savills advised on the sale and Barton Willmore assisted AHH with their planning submission.

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