The lessons the construction industry must take from Covid-19 were the subject of a virtual round table hosted by Morgan Sindall Construction.

Guests taking part including Mark Tugwell from Oxford Brookes University, Kate Dean from Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and Richard Mortimer from Spelthorne Borough Council along with representatives from Bidwells, AA Projects, First Base and Morgan Sindall Construction, discussed building resilience against future threats and embedding some of the innovation and progressive ways of working demonstrated in recent months.

Chatham House rules applied to allow those taking part to speak freely.

Participants discussed how collaboration, innovation and altruism from companies of all sizes working in the built environment, had helped the sector through the worst of the difficulties and may have longer term benefits.

One delegate said: “When and how we deploy people around the site has come into sharp focus. We’ve actually seen increased efficiency and individual productivity as a result.”

Positives which could emerge from the pandemic, the meeting heard, include the role of technology in allowing sites to operate safely and efficiently. Those have involved innovations from temperature monitoring to 3D cameras and drones.

One person taking part said: “The fact we’re having this discussion virtually is case in point. Technology is removing the barriers to getting the right people in the right virtual room. It’s more sustainable and a far better use of everyone’s time.

“As an industry we know we’ve got to address the drivers behind poor mental health. Improving communication channels and reducing unnecessary hours on the road has got to be something we take out of this pandemic.”

A full report on the event can be seen here.

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