The current debate over working in dense urban centres or low rise out of town locations will be aired in the next UK Prop Social webinar.

Guests signing up to Catching The Business Park Bounce will hear from leading figures in some key business parks including Chris Dare, head of real estate at Harwell Campus, James Raven, chief executive of Arlington and MEPC commercial director, Phillip Campbell.

Guests will also hear from Charles Rowton-Lee from Savills.

Matthew Battle, founder and managing director of UK Property Forums, said: “In the space of four months we have experienced more change than in the past four years. Nowhere is this more acute than in the expectations of occupiers as they re-enter their offices as the lockdown is eased.

“As a consequence the location and health (ie the design) of the office has become mission critical. All options are on the table.”

The lunchtime webinar which is free to UK Prop Social members will be on Tuesday, June 30. Visit:

Small charges apply for delegate lists and other extras. 

Image: By Janez Fabijan on Unsplash

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