Wandsworth Council has refused the All England Tennis Club (AELTC) proposals to expand using the land they purchased from Wimbledon Park Golf Club.

With one council in favour, Merton and one against, Wandsworth, AELTC will now look to the Mayor of London to approve the plans.

Wandsworth refused the proposals because they did more harm than good to the open land, and the potential benefits needed more to make a strong case.

Both Merton and Wandsworth are Labour-run councils so that politics will have less influence on the mayor’s decision. Will the benefit to London outweigh the costs (harm) in the borough of Wandsworth?

The park’s northern corner falls within Wandsworth, which already hosts some qualifying and practice at Roehampton.


The hybrid plans include a new show court, 38 tennis courts and a boardwalk around the lake.


The controversial plans have met many objections, including the three local MPs affected by the plans.  


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