The Greater Cambridge Partnership has launched a public consultation regarding active travel and possible corridors for investment in the region.

The partnership wants to encourage ‘more active’ travel across the region; with the phrase defined as “physically active modes such as cycling, walking, or horse riding. It also includes walking or cycling as part of a longer journey” in the Local Transport Plan.

A study was published by the GCP in March 2021 on active travel opportunities as part of their wider future investment strategy. The report identified 13 cycle corridors that have a significant amount of bike traffic in the region, which could benefit from improvements as part of the network.

The consultation hopes to find out whether and how often people use active travel to get into and travel around Cambridge, what barriers there are which may discourage people from using means such as walking and cycling to get around, and the population’s priorities for investment in active travel, and preferences of the 13 corridors identified in the report, as well as any other opportunities.

At present, the GCP has a budget of approximately £20 million for the scheme, which could fund two or three of the 13 identified corridors.

The consultation closes at midday on August 16, with the GCP executive board considering the outcome of the consultation in winter 2021/22.

Image source- Greater Cambridge Partnership

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