Fresh pasta experts Pasta Evangelists have announced the launch of its first-ever UK factory, becoming the nation’s largest pasta factory in history. 

 Receiving over £13 million in investment, the new site will become an exclusively fresh pasta and sauce facility, serving the brand’s rapid expansion across the UK. The new factory opening will fulfil Pasta Evangelists’ commitment to offering restaurant-quality dishes with minimal fuss, introducing the authentic tastes of Italy to homes across the country. 

Opening in October 2023, the factory will be located in North Acton in London, boasting an impressive 47,000 sqft. Showcasing the treasured craftsmanship and artisan tradition of pasta-making, the factory will produce a variety of pasta shapes, many of which have never been made in the UK before. Alongside more traditional fresh pasta varieties, the Pasta Evangelists factory will produce more unique types, including ‘porcupine ravioli’ (crestoni), corzetti, anolini, saccottini, busiate, lingotti and even pasta dragons, which, after going viral on the Pasta Evangelists TikTok earlier this year, will soon be available for customers to order. 

The factory will house state-of-the-art pasta-making machinery from leading Italian manufacturer Italgi, ensuring the company can enhance the quality of its recipes, fostering its mission to redefine and elevate pasta in the UK. 

 Pasta Evangelists has been enjoyed by over one million customers across the UK. To cater to the growing appetite of pasta-loving Brits, the new facility will enable the production of over 50 tonnes of fresh pasta every week, the equivalent weight of an adult blue whale! Moreover, the factory will produce around 90 tonnes of sauces and 15 tonnes of oven pasta weekly.

The factory will employ 60-70 people and offer a host of amenities for the hard-working team. From high-quality canteens, a quiet room to facilitate religious observation and prayer on-site, and dedicated facilities for drivers.

Alessandro Savelli, CEO of Pasta Evangelists, states“We’re delighted to announce the launch of our first pasta factory in the UK, and we’re proud to say it will be the UK’s largest pasta factory to date. The launch comes after years of planning and innovation, as we aim to expand our pasta offering to thousands of consumers across the UK. Utilising the latest technology and machinery will help us on our mission to experiment with new flavours, high-quality seasonal ingredients and a variety of pasta shapes to expand our growing pasta portfolio.”

Gianluca di Tondo, CEO of Barilla, adds, “The demand for freshly made, premium pasta has dramatically grown over the last decade, and we want to take consumers on a journey of taste exploration and discovery. We believe the new Pasta Evangelists factory will fulfil the growing demand for restaurant-quality, fresh pasta dishes, bringing the best of Italian food to the UK”.



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