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Tag: Barton Willmore

Udney Park sold in secret to an off-shore investor

Udney park community playing fields have been sold to an off-shore investor registered in the...

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Stantec set to acquire Barton Willmore

Stantec is set to acquire Barton Willmore as the firm seeks to expand its expertise in the UK....

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My assessment of the Cambridge property market – it’s exciting, evolving and challenging

Lyndon Gill is a Partner at planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore, an Eastern Echo and...

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Crucial time in the Arc’s future

The western section of the Oxford – Cambridge Arc is approaching a crucial stage with two key...

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Making plans for Cambridge – Barton Willmore believe in a ‘smarter’ approach to planning

I try to be relentlessly positive as a planner.  At times it’s hard but it’s definitely the best...

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Barton Willmore has plans for the iconic Roehampton estate

The Alton Estate in Roehampton is an iconic post-war social housing estate famed for its brutalist...

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Barton Willmore shortlisted for Hounslow regeneration

Barton Willmore has been shortlisted, with KC+A, for the London Borough of Hounslow (LBoH) design...

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Now is the time to consider the re-shaping of the UK’s Town & City Centres

Andrew Fisher, Director at Barton Willmore writes about his views on the future of the High...

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Virtual decision making – could this be the future?

Much has been made in recent weeks of the birth of the online planning committee and the success...

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