Hammersmith and Fulham Planning and Development Control Committee (5 December 2023) was abruptly ended by protesters against the proposed Shepherds Bush Market and Old Laundry Yard developments when they got out of hand.

The proposal is for the redevelopment of the market, 38,380 sqm of commercial space and 40 new homes. The commercial building will be called Goldhawk Studios and includes a Life Science Incubator for Imperial College.

Speaking on behalf of the traders, Jake Simms said: “It’s not subtle, we are not stupid, we know a stitch-up when we see one!”  

He also accused the officers of creating a factually inaccurate report and a lack of proper engagement by all involved. Loud chanting followed and prevented any further discussion.

The meeting chair warned the objectors first before calling security and adjourning the meeting.

On its development website, Yoo Capital states it has consulted with residents, traders and the local community on a masterplan for the wider site that includes the Market and Old Laundry Yard.

 The Market and its traders will remain, and the Market will be improved with a new road surface, canopy and entrance signs. Long-term traders will either receive brand new units or £10,000 worth of investment in their unit as part of a package of financial support that also includes:

  • Rent is frozen at 2015 levels until 2031.
  • No rent or service charge during Market construction and business rates are reimbursed.
  • A minimum of £7500 financial support to traders opens during construction, with the ability to top up if earnings are lost due to work.
  • Payments of between £1,800 and £3,000 per month for traders wishing to take a sabbatical during refurbishment works.

A date has yet to be published for the conclusion of the session.

​The Architects are Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHHM) and the planning consultants Gerald Eve.

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